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Activitee by weweameme

and lawschool boooooksss-- I NEED TO DRAW MY BBY MORE OFTEN


Vfier (c) me
Art (c) Me
Peeus - Species Ref WIP by weweameme
Peeus - Species Ref WIP
Work in progress, as stated. Peeus are a Closed Species btw, and no one 'cept me has permissions to make any atm. Sooo yeah. ;v;

>A bell-like chime noise is made whenever they walk due to them keeping jewelry and shiny objects they've stolen from people in general in their tail.
>Preyed on by almost all predators; including Wooshies. Especially Wooshies.

Wooshies (c) Me
Peeus (c) Me
Art (c) Me
Cathie = HT by weweameme
Cathie = HT
For :iconhappy-tails:

Full Body : Cathy

Name: Cathy | Catherine | Cathie
Age: 2 | 24
Gender: Female
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 135lbs
Breed: Maine Coon
Job: Therapy Cat
Partner: None
Sexual orientation: Pansexual
Personality: | Cheerful | Sweet | Know-It-All | Soft-Spoken | Lazy | Calm |
You can generally find her to have a rather Cheerful tone and mood about anything and everything at all, as Cathie never lets her mood go down, at least whenever she's others to rely on her. Which is often, considering that she's a therapudic cat and often cares for P.T.S.D and other trauma paitents. With being raised for all of this, she's become rather sweet towards others and is also very soft-spoken.
Being around doctors and others have had made her to believe that she knows it all; making her speak sometimes as if she's a know-it-all, getting her into a bit of trouble from time to time. Her anger never gets a hold of her; as she's rather calm and lazy, meaning that she'd rather sleep all day and purr instead of actually do anything. Which is literally half of what being a theraputic cat is.
Born to two purebred Maine Coons, bred for show, Cathie ended up being the least appropriate for show. Reason was that her coat was asymetrical. At only three months old she ended up being given away for theraputic reasons whenever her owner's daughter got admitted to the hospital for stage four cancer. Six months later, the little girl died. With that, the nine months old (15/16 human years) kitten at the time had her owner give her up. Why? Simply because she enjoyed being the entertainment of kiddos and adults alike within their last weeks and days. Which this is where she is now.
Extra information: 
>- She finds Dogs attractive for whatever reason. 'Oposites attract' is her thing.
>- Easily overly affectionate
>- Dear lord don't give her tuna. DON'T GIVE HER TUNA

Cathy (c) Me
Art (c) Me
Batman by weweameme
: ! Halloweeeen Eveeeent! :

Paper bag, and usual outfit! Cody can't Halloween and we all should know that. Not only that, but he doesn't really know who batman is! Just that he's a bat and he has a mask. And a cape. Cody bby, you need to get out more often. 

Not only that, but Cody's back! Still healing broken ribs from a certain someone running him over won't make him stay! Besides, there's a wonderful thing called painkillers. Mama's been giving them to him. Yes, that's my excuse for him to have been away for three or four months--

Cody (c) Me
Art (c) Me


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